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[D A R K], 0% Fees, Carbon Negative, IOG Selected, Highly Redundant, Insanely Secure

Ticker: [ DARK ]
Selected for IOG Delegation

DARKPOOL is Carbon negative!

About - [ D A R K P O O L ]

DARKPOOL is designed to be a globally distributed stake pool where users can feel safe. 0% Margin and lowest allowed Fees for the best available return for Delegators.

It is of great importence to us to be accessable to our delegators to answer all questions and help everyone understand and join the cardano ecosystem. We are available to everyone on discord and twitter. With years of data-center, cloud computing, and DevOps experience combined we are committed to bring you DARKPOOL. We use hardened images and security best practices to ensure a staking pool that is always available and secure.
Darkpool has relays in three locations across the globe, including a physical relay to ensure the best uptime. This ensures that we contribute to Cardano

Latest [DARK] News

DARKPOOL is now Carbon Negative!
DARKPOOL Team | 8 May
Time to go NEGATIVE!

We offset more than a years with of CO2 in advance, putting us carbon negative. Thanks to everyone at IOHK for getting their Proof of Stake system off the ground. It makes off-setting our footprint so easy! ... and it feels so good!
Community Inspired Donation!
Charity Time!

Our most recent donation is to 350.org to help support the fight against climate change. This donation was suggested by one of our community members on the discord. If you're interested, join the discord and come chat!
First Block and Donation!
DARKPOOL Team | 24 March
Big News!

We got our first block without a hitch. I can't thank our delegators enough for your support and delegation. Together, we are going to have a great pool. To celebrate, we made a donation to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center! Turtles are great!
Marine Center


A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Jeff Bezos
Do you want to support the decentralization of ADA and are looking for a pool to support? Consider DARKPOOL. Any amount of ADA is welcome on our public pools. If you need assistance on how to stake, let us know.
By staking your ADA outside of an exchange, you are supporting creating a global network. As a reward for this, you receive about 5% APR on the ADA that you own and have staked.

It doesn’t matter how many times I have to click, as long as each click is a mindless, unambiguous choice.

Steve Krug
Do you want to invest in ADA and have full control over your stake? Do you want to realize full rewards? We can establish pools where you or your group are the sole owners and stakers of pools.
If you are interested in investing heavily in Cardano. You might consider being an owner of a pool. We can create a pool that is dedicated for your needs.

ADA Wallets

You bought some ADA, now where are you going to put it?

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Why Choose Us?

We’re responsible

We know that you are entrusting your ADA with us. This is incredibly meaningful to us here at DARKPOOL and not taken lightly. Because we know how much your investment means to you, we put everything in place to make sure your investment is safe.

Low Fees

Base Fee: 340 ADA. Margin: 0%.
Right now we have the lowest fees to encourage people to join this pool. Running a pool correctly is not without its efforts, but for now, we are aiming to keep fees low. 0% at least until 10M ADA Delegatied
Note: The fees come out of the total reward the pool pays out. This does not come out of the ADA you already own and is not paid when you join


With three relays across the globe we don't want to miss a block. I'm sure you don't either. DARKPOOL is designed with redundancy as a top priority. This helps Cardano by providing a reliable infrastructure and also ensures you get the most out of staking your ADA.

We love minimalism

With this much experience running production servers. We know how important it is to keep it simple. It's very important to invest in the right tools and procedures to keep everything as streamlined as possible.

We're Friendly

We help users and the community everywhere we can. From FAQs, to individual help on user forums.

We know DevOps

We are AWS Certified Professionals. With years of experience. Running Production workloads has been our top priority in life.


Frequently Asked Staking Questions

Top ADA Cardano Staking Questions

What is ADA Staking?
Staking your ADA with a pool like DARKPOOL enables you to earn roughly 4-6% returns on your ADA. Think of it like joining a bitcoin mining pool. Except, you don't have to own any equipment or expensive GPUs. DARKPOOL does that for you. Stake using Daedalus or Yoroi.
There's a catch, right?
No catch at all. This is how Cardano is designed. It's a way for you, the ADA holder, to earn interest on your ADA and it promotes pools like DARKPOOL to exist and prodive a stable infrastructure for Cardano.
Is my ADA Safe when staking?
Yes! 100% When you stake with a pool you are still in full ownership of your ADA. You are only "delegating" your wallet and the ADA in it to a pool to increase the amount staked in the pool.
Should I stake My ADA
YES! Staking is part of what makes ADA wonderful. Stake pools are a key part of a decentralized Cardano, supporting the mechanisms that ensure the long-term health and liveness of the network. By running a stake pool, stake pool operators enable other users to participate in the protocol and gain rewards without needing to continuously run an online node. Stake using Daedalus or Yoroi.
Can I use / spend / withdraw my ADA when it is staked?
YES! You still have full control of your ADA. You are only "pledging" to a pool, not actually transferring to a pool.
How long before I see my rewards?
About 21 days. Rewards are calculated every 5 days, called an Epoch. When you join a pool, you will need to wait until the next epoch until you are fully registered. it takes 3 epochs for you to collect a reward for your first epoch. Once your are with a pool for 3 epochs, you should see a reward for every epoch after.
Should I stake with an Exchange like Binance? etc
No. You should stake with an independent pool like DARK. When you stake with Binance or others, it is esstentially centralizing Cardano with them. They have more control of the network and votes that ultimately can affect the future of Cardano. All the pool operator fees will also go to them, and they already charge a lot. It's very important to support independent Cardano Pools because this supports a global, non centralized Cardano network. It also supports people and pools like DARKPOOL who help decentralize the network. Stake using Daedalus or Yoroi.
What are these fees and how do they work?
There are two components that make up the total fee. There is a flat fee (340 ADA) and there is a margin fee that is shown in percentage. The flat fee is 340 ADA minimum, so you will never see less than that on any pool. The percentage is in addition to the flat fee and is a percentage of the total pool reward for the epoch. These fess are there to incentivize the pool to run and stay highly available. When the pool starts to have several million in it, these fees disappear to almost nothing that an individual user will see. The fees come out of the reward. Never from your ADA.
Does the pool get paid out of my ADA?
No! The pool fees come out of the REWARD the pool generates. The pool has 0 control of your ADA that is in your wallet. Fees are never paid out of your contribution.
Why are there Pool fees?
Running a highly available pool that users can trust takes time, work, and expertise. The pools are equivalent to "Bitcoin Miners" they are what is keeping the Cardano and ADA blockchain moving. They are doing the processing. There needs to be some incentive for people to operate a pool. With BTC mining, the pool gets a reward for operating. With ADA, it's the same concept, however it's operating off proof of stake and not proof of work. This means you don't need warehouses full of processing, and using vast amounts of power to just process a transaction.
Is the % margin a lot?
Honestly, the percentage fee as seen by an individual user is very small. But it is very helpful to the pool operators to pay for their costs. for every 1% in margin fees. It works out to less than 0.001% change in what delegates see.

Example 2% Margin. 20M pool size. 12,000 ADA split between all Stakers.
Example 3% Margin. 20M pool size. 11,880 ADA split between all Stakers.
Example 4% Margin. 20M pool size. 11,760 ADA split between all Stakers.

What people say?

Cardano is an open platform that seeks to provide economic identity to the billions who lack it by providing decentralized applications to manage identity, value and governance

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano Creator

What people say?

DARKPOOL is run by some great people. I can't wait to see them grow into a great Stake Pool.

Ryan C., DARKPOOL delegator.

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